Creating an Effective Community Change to Reduce Underage Drinking

The SPF-PFS (Preserving the Future) grant seeks to forge a comprehensive, integrated, and trauma-informed substance abuse prevention system to reduce underage drinking, strengthen prevention capacity, and provide services to non-reservation, rural, and under-served American Indian youth, aged 9-20 who reside within the area of central Oklahoma served by the Kickapoo Tribe.

A team approach is needed to successfully address the underage drinking problem. Using the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) process, community partners will:
· Define the problem and identify local prevention needs
· Build local resources and readiness to address these needs
· Find out what works to best address prevention needs, & how to do it well
· Work together to put a plan into action
· Evaluate the plan on a regular basis to determine how it is working, and if changes are needed to better address the problem
The goal of the Preserving the Future grant is to engage the community in inclusive and culturally appropriate approaches and build a sustainable prevention network that will continue to produce positive outcomes for our youth long after the life of the grant.

“Together, we can change the future”

The Preserving the Future project will use the CADCA’s (Community Antidrug Coalitions of America) seven strategies for creating effective community change:
· Providing Information
· Enhancing Skills
· Providing Support for Prevention Activities
· Enhancing Access/Reducing Barriers
· Changing Consequences (Incentives/Disincentives)
· Changing Physical Design/Making Environmental Changes
· Modifying/Changing/Developing Policies

The Preserving the Future grant needs community partners to assist in eliminating underage drinking. If you would like to be involved in this effort, please contact us.

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