CHR’s strive to serve the community in a professional, confidential, courteous manner. Health education & home visits are essential to understanding the disease process better.  We are advocates for the patients & family. CHR’s encourage family members to get involved in their health & their family members health.  The CHR Department has nine employees: LPN, CNA’s, Transporters & Translators.

Services Offered
  • Home visits to tribal members who are high–risk elders or those prone to illnesses
  • Interpret for Kickapoo speakers
  • Make appointments for tribal members who need assistance
  • Medication request/deliveries – please allow 24-48 hours for delivery
  • We will deliver medication to out Kickapoo Elders in our tribal jurisdiction when notified
  • Check vital signs at Nutrition every Friday morning if allows
  • Handout health information about community happenings
  • Assist patients with paperwork as needed
  • Check on tribal members who are in the hospital or nursing home
  • Loan program for wheelchairs, walkers, & shower chairs (call for details)
  • Assists elders with appointments to receive dentures, hearing aids, eye care/glasses
  • Elder’s 50 years & older
  • Referrals from Contract Health Services
  • Patients who have appointments with specialty physician consultants for diagnostic testing & or evaluations
  • Patients who are physically handicapped as defined by state & or federal guidelines
  • Appointments (with only a referral ) for pre-natal women
Transport Eligibility
  • Call 24 hours in advance for transport
  • Member of Kickapoo Tribe
  • Limited access to other transportation
  • We offer transportation on a need to transport only, so please use discretion when requesting this service
Regulations of Transportation
  • NO SMOKING in GSA Vehicles
  • MAY NOT be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • All passengers must wear seatbelts
  • 24-hour advanced notification for regular appointments
  • One week advanced notification for major appointments that require all day services (i,e. surgery)
  • Must notify the CHR department if alternate transportation is found
  • ZERO tolerance for harmful/dangerous/ abusive/ physical or verbal behavior to other clients or staff
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Requests will need to be made 48-hours in advance