IHS Small Ambulatory Program Grant Awarded to Kickapoo Tribal Health Center

McLoud, OK, Kickapoo Tribal Health Center is EXPANDING — Construction starting in 2020! We are pleased to announce that the application for the Indian Health Service (IHS) Small Ambulatory Program (SAP) has been awarded funding. The grant is to add on 11,900 square feet to our clinic, also allowing us to have a drive-thru pharmacy.

In other Grant News, KTHC Behavioral Health Department was awarded a federal grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration titled Strategic Prevention Framework – Partnerships for Success.  The grant has designated the title for our award as “Preserving the Future.”  With this grant, the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma, acting through the Department of Behavioral Health, seeks to forge a comprehensive, integrated, and trauma-informed substance abuse prevention system to reduce underage drinking, strengthen prevention capacity, and provide services to non-reservation, rural, and under-served American Indian youth and emerging adults, aged 9-20, who reside within the area of central Oklahoma served by the tribe.  Recently, Pamela York, LCSW transferred to the position of Project Coordinator over this grant from her position as a Substance Abuse Counselor.  We look forward to continuing to educate young persons on the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse through the award of this grant.