Introducing “Hardcore from Home” Fitness Video Series

Happy February to all those workout warriors! Your KTHC HPDP team knows many of you are still trying to start 2020 on the active foot, so we want to continue to encourage you to keep it going!

Oklahoma weather throws better curveballs than you’ll see all baseball season, and some days we may be stuck at home and will have to skip the gym for any reason(s). A good break from the exercise pace is needed, but too long doesn’t help us establish the consistency we need to make it a lifelong habit. So, we’re launching a “Hardcore from Home” video series, providing workouts on our Facebook and YouTube Channel. The goal is to offer supplemental exercises to those who can’t make it to the gym or whose only time to work out is at work or home.

Check out our first edition of minimum space, minimum equipment, maximum effort, home workout below!

Stay tuned in! We invite you to visit our Facebook Hardcore from Home Playlist and subscribe to our YouTube Channel here!

Here’s to a great 2020, and we hope all of our fitness routines can be Hardcore from Home!