30 Days of Thankfulness

Beginning November 1st, KTHC Behavioral Health will be hosting a 30 Days of Thankfulness Scavenger Hunt. It’ll run through the end of the month via GooseChase! What is GooseChase you ask? GooseChase is a virtual scavenger hunt app that is available from your smartphone. Just download the GooseChase app, enter code B5651P to begin!

We encourage you, your families & friends, as well as our patients to join us, as we practice an attitude of gratitude, taking a few moments each day to shift our attention away from toxic emotions & negative experiences and focus on the positive ones. 

This is a free activity for all tribal and community members within our service area. You can keep up with our activities on our Facebook page as well! 

For more info, contact us at: nativeconnections@okkthc.com or 405.988.2073.